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Iowa State University Extension

Our Story: Drought Response in Iowa

ISU Extension drought response in Iowa

ISU Extension and Outreach takes on food and environmental challenges, including the slowly unfolding crisis of the drought. In 2012 more than 6,000 Iowans participated in ISU Extension and Outreach meetings and webinars and called our hotlines and specialists for updates on crop, livestock and horticulture issues. Our drought response continues in 2013 as we anticipate Iowans’ needs for their farms, families, businesses and communities.

“As we’ve reached over thousands of producers, Extension and Outreach is here to help people,” said beef specialist Denise Schwab. “We’re not here for the cattle or for the crops, but we’re here for the farmers that we work with. That’s what makes this job fun and exciting and a challenge to go to work very morning.”

Watch the video about ISU Extension and Outreach’s response to the drought.


This article appeared in January 2013 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter