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Iowa State University Extension

Dealing with the 2012 drought


As Iowans continue to deal with this year’s drought, ISU Extension and Outreach is providing education on drought-related issues via Web pages, webinars hosted in county offices around the state and face-to-face meetings. The Dealing with Drought Web page has resources related to crops, livestock, yards and more. A webinar Aug. 21 will cover grain quality issues and marketing options. Previous drought webinars dealt with horticulture, crops and livestock issues, and are archived online. Answers to frequently asked questions also are available.

“We’re probably going to continue to have issues in many parts of the state,” said John Lawrence, program director for Agriculture and Natural Resources. “ISU Extension and Outreach will continue to address Iowans’ concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

This article appeared in August 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter