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Iowa State University Extension

BioPreferred boosts economy, provides new markets

biopreferred label

With assistance from CIRAS, B4 Brands of Lisbon, Iowa, recently earned the BioPreferred label for several of its products, including hand sanitizers, soaps and lotions. CIRAS manages USDA’s BioPreferred labeling program for the entire nation. The USDA Certified Biobased Product label makes it easier for customers to identify biobased products and also is a valuable marketing tool for the product manufacturers and vendors.

Iowa State has collected more information about the existing biobased product industry than any other entity. As a result, ISU has a better understanding of the wide variety of biobased products available and the potential for their use than anyone in the nation.

Many companies offering biobased products are small, developing businesses, so the labeling program can help bring increased visibility to their products’ performance and environmental characteristics. Because these small companies often are located in rural areas, the program also can boost the rural economy and provide new markets for farm commodities. See the story in CIRAS News.

This article appeared in August 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter