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Iowa State University Extension

Farmland value sets record in Iowa Land Value Survey

Iowa Land Value Survey

The Iowa Land Value Survey, conducted annually by Iowa State University since 1941, provides information on general land value trends, geographical land price relationships and factors influencing the Iowa land market. It’s the only statewide survey that collects information on land values in every county. ISU Extension Economist Mike Duffy reported the average Iowa farmland value for 2011 was estimated to be $6,708 per acre, an all-time record.

The survey is an “extensive, informative and accurate report” on farmland trends and values, said Loyd Brown, Hertz Farm Management Inc. president. “The survey is very valuable — to landowners, farm operators, lawyers, bankers, professional farm managers, real estate professionals, farm appraisals and the general public.”

This article appeared in February 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter