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Iowa State University Extension

Citizens Advisory Council takes up Geoffroy’s challenge

Gregory Geoffroy

One of President Geoffroy’s long-range goals is that by 2050, “Iowa State University must be regarded as a treasured resource for Iowa, our nation and the world, because of the impact we have in improving people’s lives.” With that in mind, ISU Extension’s Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) is helping Extension take a close look at ways to increase the significant impact of the university and improve quality of life for Iowans in the years ahead.

The CAC members took up the task when they met with ISU Extension staff and administrators in January, said Mary Holz-Clause, interim associate vice president for ISU Extension and Outreach. “The current downturn in the economy, decreasing state budgets and declining tax bases make this a challenging assignment. But we’re looking forward to getting the CAC members’ ideas about ISU Extension’s services over the coming months.”

The CAC’s 39 members are a key and consistent link between ISU Extension administration and Iowa citizens, Holz-Clause said.

“The CAC members are appointed by the Vice President for ISU Extension and Outreach,” Holz-Clause noted. “The council meets twice a year and shares their perspectives and perceptions of ISU Extension. We’ve found their views of significant value.”

For the complete list of CAC members, see the Vice President for Extension and Outreach Web site.

This article appeared in February 2009 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter