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Iowa State University Extension

After the tornado, Iowans pull together to pick up the pieces

tornado damage in Parkersburg

A tornado and severe storms devastated parts of northeast Iowa over the Memorial Day weekend. As Iowans pick up the pieces and strive to rebuild, ISU Extension is providing a range of information from keeping food safe to dealing with tree damage and handling stress. In addition, ISU Extension county and field staff are checking on crop and livestock damage and working with local agencies to assess damage to farms and facilities.

Extension’s Iowa Concern Hotline is taking calls from people who want to donate goods and services as well as from others who want to help with cleanup. In one 24-hour period, Iowa Concern received more than 350 calls from people who had services, time, money or items to donate to tornado victims.

Extension’s Answer Line also is available to answer Iowans’ calls about food safety, household cleanup and other home and family topics.

This article appeared in June 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter