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Leibold shares Iowa State perspective in China and Germany

Kelvin Leibold

ISU Extension work has an impact around the world — just ask ISU Extension farm management field specialist Kelvin Leibold. During recent travels to China and Germany, he discussed ISU research with graduate students and international colleagues who were eager to hear Iowa State’s perspective on issues ranging from ethanol impacts on grain markets to crop production costs and cost-effective tillage.

“In October ISU Extension economist Bob Wisner and I made presentations on the impacts of ethanol on world grain markets and U.S. agricultural policies to graduate students in finance and economics at the University of Shanghai, China,” Leibold said.

“We also visited a 100 million gallon ethanol plant in Henan and met with their management group. The plant operated on corn, sweet potatoes and cassava. During the trip we traveled about 2,000 miles around China seeing various types of agriculture and technology.”

In November, Leibold attended the AgriTechnica Tillage show, the largest machinery show in the world, in Hanover, Germany. He presented two sessions on large-scale tillage and successful cultivation management in the United States along with two Russians who presented on tillage in Russia.

He also saw outcomes of an ongoing project with FAL, Germany’s Federal Agricultural Research Centre, which is similar to the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) at ISU. “About 20 nations come together and share data on the cost of production for various crops. I run the numbers for an Iowa soybean and corn farmer,” Leibold said. “FAL’s AgriBenchmark group compiled the data and presented the results at AgriTechnica.”

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This article appeared in January 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter