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Iowa State University Extension

Parents can get answers online ‘just in time’

Just in Time Parenting

When can a baby eat solid foods? How do you know when a baby has an ear infection? eXtension’s new online resource, Just in Time Parenting, provides round-the-clock access to information and experts. Month by month as baby grows, parents can find out what they need to know about each particular life stage. Iowa State is among the more than 70 land-grant universities providing research-based information to this Web site that parents can access “just in time.”

The eXtension parenting content has been written and peer-reviewed by a multi-state team of Extension specialists, said team member Lesia Oesterreich, an ISU Extension family life specialist.

“The Web site is designed for busy parents,” Oesterreich said. “We highlight information and strategies that are crucial to helping children thrive: promoting healthy growth and development, preparing children for success in school, reinforcing positive parenting behaviors and affirming healthy interpersonal and family relationships.”

Beginning in February 2008, parents can subscribe to monthly “just in time” e-newsletters, keyed to the age of each subscriber’s child.

Although the current focus is infants, the Extension parenting content team plans to extend the resources from pregnancy through parenting in the teen years, Oesterreich said.

This article appeared in December 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter