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Iowa State University Extension

Tax school is ‘perennial’ favorite from Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

Roger McEowen

Perennials aren’t always in the garden: Iowa State’s Farm Income Tax School has been a hardy fall and winter favorite for 34 years. The 2007 version of this popular continuing education opportunity, which starts in November, is one of the services available from Iowa State’s Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation. According to director Roger McEowen, the center is a primary source of professional education and training for agricultural producers and professionals as well as agribusiness personnel.

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, created the center in 2006, McEowen said. “Creating the center and hiring a staff attorney and program administrator have been of tremendous help in further developing educational programming in ag law and taxation for professionals and agricultural producers. There continues to be a large need for ISU Extension outreach in all areas of agricultural law and taxation, and the center’s Web site helps us to get key information out quickly to many people. Currently, we’re working on a number of ISU Extension publications on such matters as fence and township trustee law, farm leases, wind energy agreements, noxious weed eradication and farm taxation.”

The center’s Web site includes relevant federal and state legal opinions, as well as updates on critical legislative developments.

This article appeared in October 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter