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Iowa State University Extension

Take it from ‘Penny Wise’: Listen up and ‘Invest Wisely’

Listen to 'Invest Wisely'

Understanding investment risk, setting smart investment goals and taking advantage of compound interest are but a few of the tips “Penny Wise” has to offer. Radio listeners across Iowa are hearing this fictional character’s tips and learning to invest wisely, thanks to ISU Extension’s Invest Wisely Project. It’s a yearlong campaign encouraging Iowans to make informed investment decisions.

“Penny is an ISU Extension field specialist. Although her character is make believe, her tips are very real — she represents ISU Extension expertise,” said Cynthia Fletcher, ISU Extension family resource management state specialist. Fletcher said the radio saga will cover topics ranging from calculating investment returns, to asset allocation models, to tax considerations of investment vehicles. “The project goal is to help Iowans prevent problems, make wise decisions and achieve their investment objectives.”

ISU Extension received a grant for the project from the Investor Protection Trust (IPT), a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. Along with a weekly series of radio messages, the ISU Extension Invest Wisely Project is providing a series of newspaper articles and Web resources for investors.

This article appeared in July 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter