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Iowa State University Extension

How does your garden grow? With ISU Extension!

Master Gardener display

If you like to garden or want to develop a pleasing landscape, ISU Extension has something -- actually, many things -- for you. And they’re only a phone call, a workshop or a Web site away.

• Get ISU Extension gardening publications from Extension’s Online Store. Some are free to download and others can be purchased online.
• Call Hortline, (515) 294-3108, with your lawn, garden, houseplant and landscape questions.
• Visit Yard and Garden Online for how-to tips, gardening guidelines and useful links.
• Watch Gardening in the Zone video podcasts.
• Check the latest issue (and archives) of Horticulture and Home Pest News.
• Learn about educational and volunteer opportunities through Extension Master Gardeners.
• Contact your ISU Extension county office for information about local garden tours, plant sales, workshops and other opportunities.

This article appeared in June 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter