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Iowa State University Extension

Extension: The jewel of the land-grant system

Extension: Jewel of land-grant system

ISU President Geoffroy gave a major presentation on ISU Extension to the Board of Regents earlier this month, after which Regent Ruth Harkin said, “Extension is the jewel of the land-grant system.” The compliment is appreciated and the analogy is great. Extension is multi-faceted and precious to the fabric of rural AND urban America.

At the national urban Extension conference recently I explained how ISU is continually improving our understanding of and delivery to urban clientele. Seen broadly, Extension involves so much that it is hard to grasp the incredible outcomes quietly happening each day. But when this “jewel” is held up to the light and turned to different perspectives, we see so many aspects to this system. This newsletter highlights some examples of how ISU Extension is prepared and positioned to serve both rural and urban Iowans.

This article appeared in May 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter