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Iowa State University Extension

The bioeconomy: What Iowans think

bioeconomy E85

Is the bioeconomy on your mind? It’s a topic in the papers almost daily. It’s affecting markets and local economies. Extension wanted to know more about what Iowans thought on this topic. So, ISU Extension staff in 96 counties facilitated group discussions and 945 Iowans spoke out. Opinions varied from optimism to concerns for future effects.

The meetings were designed to loosely guide the discussions to get the most candid responses. To begin, participants watched a brief ISU Extension Web cast presentation of the issues.

Extension facilitators came armed with a list of questions, but the participants led the discussions, which tended to be self-starting and freewheeling. The goal of this Extension project was to gather objective opinions on the bioeconomy from the broadest base of Iowans possible. This information will serve as a baseline for future studies. The report may serve to support decisions on public policy, ISU research initiatives and Extension outreach activities. Learn more about the results.

This article appeared in May 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter