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Ten county extension districts approve referendum


Citizens in 10 Iowa county extension districts voted to increase the maximum tax levy rate that may be used to fund local county extension programs: Black Hawk, Clarke, Clinton, Decatur, East Pottawattamie, Iowa, Keokuk, Marshall, Poweshiek and Woodbury. The extension referendum was on the ballot Nov. 7 in 15 of 100 county districts. (Pottawattamie County is divided into two districts.) Eighty-four county extension districts already had passed the measure in previous general elections.

In counties that pass the referendum, locally elected extension councils have additional tax monies available to maintain and expand county extension programs. Individual county extension councils may choose to expand programs for youth, families, agriculture, business and industry, communities or continuing education opportunities.

For more information, contact Mark Settle, director of Extension External Relations,

This article appeared in November 2006 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter