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Iowa State University Extension

Value Added Agriculture program takes on Croatia, Romania projects

Mary Holz-Clause

In September staff from ISU Extension’s Value Added Agriculture program traveled to Croatia and Romania on two rural development projects. They met with agricultural officials, university faculty, funding institutions and project coordinators.

ISU Extension is working with the University of Zagreb to develop a Croatian value-added Web site similar to the Ag Marketing Resource Center Web site, said Mary Holz-Clause, interim associate vice president for ISU Extension and Outreach. The site will provide online resources and other support for producers and service providers. A similar project is beginning in Romania.

“These projects assist in economic recovery to these regions and promote the economic success of agricultural-related businesses, farmers and consumers,” Holz-Clause said. “Projects such as these provide leadership, vision, information and contacts for value-added agriculture and business development.”


This article appeared in October 2006 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter