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Iowa State University Extension

Extension programs bring outstanding student to campus

Kelly Norris

Kelly Norris credits ISU Extension programs with bringing him to Iowa State. “When I found out (in the fifth grade) that students could study about plants in college and that Iowa State ranked as one of the best horticulture schools in the country, I wanted to go there,” the sophomore said. His experience in ISU Extension Master Gardeners has been “profound.” Just an eighth grader then, Norris was on his way to becoming the youngest certified Master Gardener in Iowa. He said his nine years in 4-H helped him “grow as a person through opportunities in communication, in taking charge and feeling pride in accomplishments, and in learning to serve in a civic way.”

Learn how Norris persuaded his parents to purchase Rainbow Iris Farms in Texas and move it lock, stock and barrel to Iowa.

This article appeared in October 2006 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter