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Iowa State University Extension

87 and still going

Florence Enhorning

Office assistant Florence Enhorning has worked for ISU Extension in Des Moines County for more than 10 years. She started as a volunteer, and about eight years ago was hired as a county employee. That doesn’t sound very unusual – unless you consider that on Sept. 15, Florence turned 87 years old. So why is she still working for Extension?

“I keep coming back because I enjoy it,” Florence said. She works one day a week, usually on Friday, but often fills in when the office is short staffed. She also keeps the office open during county fair.

According to county director Don Buzzingham, “I like to joke that Florence actually runs the office. However, she’s so efficient that she only has to come in one day a week!”

Florence adds, “I’m just on call – any time they need me, they call me.” But, did she work on her birthday? “Why, absolutely!” she said.

This article appeared in September 2006 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter