Tomato grafting field day at Howell’s Pumpkin Patch

Event Date: 
Monday, July 14, 2014
3145 Howell Court, Cumming, Iowa 50061

Date and Time: 18 July, 2014; 6 to 8pm
Grafting in the fruit industry is very common primarily to control plant size and disease resistance in the U.S.  Research also suggests that it is an effective tool in vegetable production to increase yield, soil salinity tolerance, and pathogen resistance. The field day will showcase an ongoing tomato grafting study at the farm.
Directions to Howell's Farm
Howell’s Farm is located at 3145 Howell Court, Cumming, Iowa 50061. From the Cumming exit (exit 65) south of Des Moines, drive west on G14.  Follow the pavement 4.25 miles.  The farm is on the left.

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