Publications and Reports

Research Reports

1. Sustainable plastic mulch options in vegetable production systems. 2013 (pdf)
2. Strip-tillage and row cover use in organically and conventionally grown summer squash. 2013 (pdf)
3. Biochar application in potato production. 2013 (pdf)
4. Summer cover crop influence on Fall Vegetable Production. 2013 (pdf)
5. Effect of Plastic Mulch Color on Tomato Production in High Tunnels. 2012 (pdf)
6. Mulch and Row Cover affect Lettuce Production in High Tunnels. 2012 (pdf)
7. Biochar as a Soil Amendment for Vegetable Production. 2012 (pdf)
8. Effect of Lettuce Seed Treatment with Seed Power® on Germination, Crop Growth, and Fungicide Interaction. 2012 (pdf)
9. Effect of Plastic Mulch and Trellises on Cucumber Production in High Tunnels. 2012 (pdf)
10. Sweet Potato Cultivar Trial. 2012 (pdf)
11. Season Extension Strategies for Fall Lettuce Production. 2012 (pdf)
12. Cover Cropping and Strip Tillage to Improve Crop Performance and Food Safety in Muskmelon Production. 2012 (pdf)
13. Effect of Biochar on Sweet Corn Production. 2012 (pdf)

Journal Articles

1. Soil microbial biomass, functional microbial diversity, and nematode community structure as affected by cover crops and compost in an organic vegetable production system. 2012. Applied Soil Ecology 58:45–55. (pdf)
2. Alfalfa-based organic amendment in peat-compost growing medium for organic tomato transplant production. 2011. HortScience 46(2):253–259. (pdf)
3. Integrating row covers and soil amendments for organic cucumber production: implications on crop growth, yield, and microclimate. 2010. HortScience 45(4):1-9. (pdf)
4. In vitroevaluation of red and green lettuce (Lactuca sativa) for functional food properties. 2010. Food Chemistry 118:300-306. (pdf)
5. Propagation and commercial availability of Stewartia spp.: past research endeavors and current status. 2010. HortTechnology 20(2):277-282. (pdf)
6. Rooting and overwintering stem cuttings of Stewartia pseudocamellia Maxim. relevant to hormone, media, and temperature. 2008. HortScience 43(7):2124-2128. (pdf)

Extension Articles

1. Nair, A. March 2013.Time for transplants: things to consider as the growing season approaches. Iowaproduce newsletter
2. Nair, A. February 2013. Salinity management in high tunnels. Iowaproduce newsletter
3. Nair, A. October 2012. Winter rye: a versatile cover crop. Iowaproduce newsletter
4. Nair, A. August 2012. What is happening to the blossom end? Iowaproduce newsletter
5. Nair, A., M. Ngouajio, and J. Biernbaum. June 2012. Quality ingredients for transplant production. American Vegetable Grower, 24-25.
6. Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. March 2012. Ten steps to healthy crops. American Vegetable Grower, 14-16.
7. Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. April 2010. Sanitation is the key to successful transplant production: Greenhouse Insider. American Vegetable Grower, 31-32.
8. Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. June 2009. The organic report: Compost as an organic amendment. American Vegetable Grower, 24-25.

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