Record Book Forms

This page will be dedicated to only 4-H Record Books. The following is a guide for putting together your record books. This guide is what will be given to the judges.

Record book Guide

Record Book Front Cover Page

The following forms are those made available to you by the Extension Office and are in the order they are to be in the record book. These are required forms

Participation Summary

Extra Back Pages

Personal Goals & Leadership Record

Awards Form

If you are taking an exhibit to the fair, you will need your exhibit form. This will also double as your Project Record for the record book. NO OTHER PAPERWORK WILL BE NEEDED outside of support materials.

Exhibit Form

Photography Exhibit Form

If you are not taking the project as an exhibit to the fair, but you are doing activities outside the fair, you will use the

General Project Record Sheet

For animals, you will use a simple form if you are a Junior Level Member (4th, 5th or 6th grade).  If you are an Intermediate or Senior Level Member, you will use a more detailed form dependent on the animal;  large, small or pets.  This same form will be used across the board for ALL large animals and all small animals.  For Example: A member in 9th grade that has horses, swine and rabbits will use the large animal form for the horses, a large animal form for the swine and a small animal form for the rabbits. A member in the 5th grade with horses, swine and rabbits will use the three junior animal forms ( 1 per species).

Junior Animal Project Record

Small Animal Project Record

Large Animal Project Record

Dog-Cat-Pet Project Record

That is it for the Forms!

The current Unified Policy is also required to be in your book at the back of the current year. If you do not have the current policy, it is available here.

Unified Policy for 2015-2016

One thing to remember in doing a record book, add pictures of what you are doing and documentation, but also try to keep it simple. If there is more than 5 pages of support material, judges do not care for that.

When it comes time to turn in your record book, you will be provided with 3 pages to be put in your book. They are an Awards Application , a Grading Sheet (will always be white) and a Judge's Award Rating Sheet that will be colored. The colored pages will make the documents easily located for the judges.

The Award Application will be where you apply for the awards you want to receive.  

The Grading Sheet will be the document the Leader's first look at to verify your attendance, participation and conduct. A grader will then grade your book and give you feedback as to what you can do to improve for the future.

The Judge's Award Rating Sheet will be where the judges will leave feedback regarding your application for awards and if there is something they can tell you to help you when you apply for an award in the following years.

You may make your own cover for the outside of your book.  However, if you would rather have the traditional cover, click here.

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