Certified Grazier

What will I experience in the Certified Grazier program?
  • Informational sessions discuss different management strategies and how to apply them to participants' land. 
  • Personalized sessions provide in-depth information on specific topics that can be incorporated into producers' grazing plan.
  • Networking gives participants the chance to discuss different strategies with producers and to develop a plan tailored to their resources and goals.
  • Practical experience allows producers to see actual on-farm results of the management techinques.
  • Mentoring works to build relationships between participants and experienced graziers as well as university and industry personnel to develop productive, cost-effective grazing systems.
Is Certified Grazier only for producers?

No! Our program is created for producers as well as those who would like to become AFGC Certified Forage and Grasslands Professionals or NRTCS Technical Service Providers.  TSPs are an important asset to producers who want to apply conservation practices on their land.  In completing the Certified Grazier course, participants will be able to meet the first step in getting a TSP certification.

What topics will be covered in the workshops?
  • Vegetative management
  • Animal management
  • Conservation planning on grasslands
  • Pasture condition assessment
  • Economics of forage and grassland management
  • Grassland soil management, soil quality, erosion control, and fertility management
Agenda and Schedule

The 2013 Certified Grazier Program features six grazing-related educational programs scheduled in the Fairfield area.  The programs will include informational sessions, an opportunity for one-on-one and networking interaction, and viewing of local on-farm grazing systems.  Each session will meet at the Jefferson County Extension Office, with programs beginning at 1:30 p.m.  After theclassroom presentations, the program will continue at selected field locations near Fairfield.  Following are the dates and selected topics for each session:

June 4:  Grazing Basics--Getting Started; Fertility Management; Pasture Condition Scoring.
July 30:  Grazing Plan Discussion; Soil View Software Discussion; Forage Specie Selection; Stockpiling.
August 20:  Forage Nutrient Limitations; Mineral Recommendations; Grazing Systems: Traditional, Missouri Wedge, Intensive Management.
September 17:  Reducing Feed Costs; BRANDS software application; Economic Outlook; Cover Crops.
October 15:  Feed Analysis Overview; Wildlife Discussion; Cornstalk Grazing; Weaning Protocol; Animal Health Program Discussion.
November 5:  Finalize Participant Grazing Plans.

Contact Information

Registration fee:  $100.00 for one member of an operation.  This fee includes a meal for each of the six programs, refreshments, and an informational reference booklet.  Additional members of an operation are encouraged to attend at a $15.00 per person per event fee.  A special "Thank You" to the Southern Iowa Forage and LIvestock Comittee and Iowa Beef Center for financial support to minimize these registration costs.

For more informatin regarding the Certified Grazier Program, contact:

Jefferson County Extension Office, Fairfield, IA:  641-472-4166

Brian Peterson, Certified Grazier Program Coordinator:  641-344-1026

Byron Leu, ISUE Beef Specialist:  641-99-2298

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