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Networking with Other Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmer Network, Iowa State University - The Beginning Farmers Network was created to provide a peer group for students who plan to enter into farming. We maintain contact with members who are farming through our annual conference, typically held in February. The conference allows beginning farmers the opportunity to sharpen their networking skills as well as to learn from excellent speakers. Monthly meetings on the ISU campus include an informative speaker with relevance to production agriculture. Read more about Networking with Other Beginning Farmers

Mentoring with an Establshed Farmer

Mentoring: Part of the Savings Incentive Program, Practical Farmers of Iowa - The Savings Incentive Program encourages beginning farmers to save $100 a month for two years. After two years, the SIP will match their savings $1:$1. The beginning farmer can then use this savings to purchase a farm asset (like machinery, land, or livestock). Read more about Mentoring with an Establshed Farmer

Accessing Land for Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmer Center

  • Farm On Program - Farm On is a service to help preserve the family farm business by matching beginning farmers who do not own land, with retiring farmers who do not have heirs to continue the family farm business. Farm On maintains a database of potential beginning farmers and landowners.

  • Private Consultations - An attorney, a full-time coordinator, and extension personnel are available by appointment for individualized consultation.
Read more about Accessing Land for Beginning Farmers