Iowa Annie's Project Team

Marsha LauxMarsha Laux is a program coordinator for ISUE Value Added Agriculture Program (VAAP) and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC), which is a national electronic web-based resource for producers interested in value-added agricultural businesses. Current employment duties involve providing technical assistance to agricultural producers, market research, outreach and education of value-added agriculture topics, program coordination and grant writing.

Laux has production agriculture experience, and lives on a farm in Jefferson County, Iowa. She has three grown children and three grandchildren. She previously served as Jefferson County Rural Action Coordinator and Iowa Wesleyan College Associate Director of Continuing Education. In addition, she has provided training and education programs in business and industry as well as to agricultural producers, specializing in marketing, business planning, local foods, agritourism, agricultural education programming for women, food safety, cooperative development and organic agriculture. Laux has been formally trained in Cooperative Development, High Tunnel Production and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables, and is a certified trainer in the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP food safety), the NxLeveL business planning curriculum, and the Real Colors personality assessment program. Laux has experience in leading grant-funded projects such as the business planning coaching, agritourism business development and agritourism/local foods entrepreneurship.

She led a project that resulted in the development of the Iowa Food Entrepreneurial Resource Guide and was coordinator for the Iowa Agritourism Working Group.

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