Accessing Land for Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmer Center

  • Farm On Program - Farm On is a service to help preserve the family farm business by matching beginning farmers who do not own land, with retiring farmers who do not have heirs to continue the family farm business. Farm On maintains a database of potential beginning farmers and landowners.
  • Private Consultations - An attorney, a full-time coordinator, and extension personnel are available by appointment for individualized consultation.

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

  • Farm Ownership Loans - check with staff at your local FSA office. Eligible applicants may obtain direct loans up to a maximum debt of $300,000. Maximum indebtedness for guaranteed loans is $1,214,000 (amount adjusted annually for inflation). The maximum repayment term is 40 years for both direct and guaranteed farm ownership loans.

Center for Rural Affairs, Nebraska

  • Land Link Services - The Center's Land Link program uses matching and consulting services to bring together beginning farmers and established landowners, increasing opportunities for new farmers while promoting good stewardship. The process brings together retirement planning, new farmer financing, farm business, and environmental assessment in order to ease transitions of family operations from the retiring generation to the next generation of farmers and ranchers.
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