Northeast Fiber Directory

AKG Enchanted Alpaca Ranch
Karen Devries
10433 P Avenue
Parkersburg, IA 50665
(319) 346-1258
Alpacas; Fiber

Aulds' Lluminous Llamas
Steve & Sandy Auld
1967 69th Street
Van Horne, IA 52346
(319) 228-8581

Llamas for show, fiber, guarding, carting and companionship.
Also providing web development, felt crafts, and personalized art.
Open by appointment.

Rita Burke
20063 Fleet Road
Elgin, IA 52141
(563) 426-5596
Rabbits (Colored and White Angora); Sheep (Romney, Romney Mix, Ramboullet); Stock; Raw; Processed; Roving; Finished products; Yarn; Open by appt.
Facion Hummers Haven Alpacas
David/Cindee Facion
7890 21st Avenue
Blairstown, IA 52209
(319) 454-9037
Hayfork Hill Fibers
Wayne/Maureen Freiburger
17955 Sageville Road
Dubuque, IA 52001
(563) 588-3565
Goats (Angora, White); Llamas; Sheep (Jacob, Lincoln Longwool, Romney); Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Finished fiber products, Processed fiber, Yarn; Not open
George and Susan Hellert
17314 Wildcat Hollow
Dubuque, IA 52002
Home: (563) 552-1950
Jacob, Cormo & Columbia wool - Sheep; Unprocessed/processed wool; Yarn
Junger's Park Hollow Exotics
Ron/Lois Jungers
20203 Park Hollow Road
Durango, IA 52039
(563) 552-2021
Llamas; Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Finished fiber products; Open by appt.
Maplewood II Llamas
Cassie Miller
11876 T Avenue
Ackley, IA 50601
Phone: (641) 373-0980
Fax: (641) 648-4972
Llamas; Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber; Open by appt.
Sharon McCarville
170 Leonard St., PO Box 12
Viola, IA 52350-0012
(319) 854-7644
Goats (Angora, White, Colored); Llamas; Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Blend, Carded; Open by appt., flexible
Stephanie Mitcham
3061 160th St.
Sumner, IA 50674
Phone: (563) 578-5665
Fax: (563) 578-8193
Goats (White, Colored); Sheep (Ide Franc); Sell breeding stock, Equipment & books, including one for children "Think Like a Goat?"; Open by appt.
Kent and Tammy Mysak
2521 Taylor Road
Springville, IA 52236-9505
(319) 854-7071
Llamas; Sell breeding stock; Open by appt.
As the Crow Flies
Joanne Nelson
2546 Quincy Road NE
Solon, IA 52333-9679
(319) 351-5020
Goats (Angora); Sheep (Border Leicester, Corriedale, Dorset, Corriedale Dorset X, Hawaii, Romney x Hawaii); Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Wool, Yarn, Roving; Open M-S 9 am-5 pm, call first.
Craft's at Bluffton
Marion Craft Norton/ Bob Norton
2572 Village Road
Decorah, IA 52101
(563) 735-5533
Sheep (Jacob); Sell fleece, Yarn, Roving, Hides
Che'Jak Llamas
Jack/Cheryl Page
31839 670th Avenue
Maxwell, IA 50161
(515) 387-8762
Llamas; Open by appt.

Prairie Retreat Farm
Karen Stewart
298 Martelle Road
Martelle, IA 52305

Shetland Sheep: raw fiber, carded fiber, roving, and spun yarn.
Contact for information and selection.

Pinewood Farms
Darrel/Becky Willhite
6114 Ford Road
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
(319) 266-5254
Llamas; Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Processed fiber, Carded; Open by appt., Tues-Sun.
Jean Robertson
3971 220th St.
Clinton, IA 52732
(563) 243-4280
Sheep (Corriedale); Sell raw fiber, Fiber byproducts, Pelt, Processed fiber, Batts, Blend; Carded, Roving, Yarn; Open by appt.
Lana Santamaria
9641 Military Road
Dubuque, IA 52003
(563) 557-9075
Llamas; Sheep (Shetland); Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber, Open by appt.
Shady Lawn Polypays
Kevin/Diane Herman
1850 S. Scott Park Road
Eldridge, IA 52748
(563) 285-8926
Sheep (Polypay); Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber; Open by appt.
Sheer Pleasure Llamas
Don/Pat Greenley
2063 215th St. NE, PO Box 88
Independence, IA 50644
Phone: (319) 334-6431
Fax: (319) 334-3619
Llamas; Sell breeding stock, Raw fiber; Open by appt.
Tipperary Farm and Fiber Studio
Pat/Margie Meehan
2857 Hwy. 38
Hopkington, IA 52237
(563) 926-2573
Sell Romney & Coopworth breeding stock & X's; Raw fleeces, Processed wool, Yarns, Handcrafted wool items, Handwoven products; Classes; Open by appt., call ahead
White Pine Llamas
Ralph Winter
21363 White Pine Lane
New Vienna, IA 52065
Phone: (563) 853-4195
Fax: (563) 853-4195
Jim and Donna Lein
7295 I Avenue
Arlington, IA 50606-8213
(563) 425-4262
Sheep (Corriedale, Lincoln Longwool); Locker lambs; Breeding; Covered fleeces; Processed wool batts, roving
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