Make 2017 the year to add animals to your backyard

February 14, 2017

You’ve always wanted to raise animals or add a new species to your farm. What’s stopping you? Make 2017 the year you accomplish your backyard farming goals.

“With some research and preparation, you can begin raising animals in your backyard,” says Julian (Skip) Olson, DVM, technical services manager for Milk Products. “Whether you’re planning on starting with a small flock of chickens or raising larger livestock – such as goats, sheep or cattle – it is important to consider space requirements and nutritional needs of each animal.”

No matter which species you select, it’s a good idea to make sure your local laws allow you to raise livestock on your property. Letting your neighbors know about your new adventure is also a nice gesture.

Here are some quick facts to consider as you choose the species that’s the best fit for you. Read More...

-Morning Ag Clips

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