Fiber Directory

sheepFibers offered from the Midwestern United States are finding favor all over the world. For some just entering the business, fiber production is an entry into new markets, new methods of production and processing and a set of new challenges. For others, producing world-class fiber from specialty breed of animals has been a consistent way of life and livelihood.

Artists, retailers and producers of clothing and other fabric related items are increasingly interested in characteristics of breeds and are continually looking for improved quality in fibers in a variety of supplier areas, including Iowa.

In 2001-2002, fiber producers Margie Mehan and Janette Ryan-Busch saw a need for a fiber directory and contacted Iowa State University Extension.The directory was compiled with an eye toward opening the supply chain for regional producers, increasing knowledge among producers and supplying a means of contacts for fiber markets. Those included in the directory supply not only a variety of fibers in different stages of readiness for use, but many also sell related finished products or stock.

Known producers in Iowa were asked to reply to a questionnaire, from which the directory information was taken. All who responded are included in the directory.

The directory was prepared and produced by Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program. The directory was updated and placed online in 2006.

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