Farm Stand Marketing

Farm stands are usually located at the farm and sell fruits, vegetables, and other products produced on the farm. Farm stands can also be located at key intersections on rural roads around the state. Farm stands are a means of direct marketing to the consumer with minimal transportation costs and eliminates the middle level cost of distribution. It will, however, require additional labor costs to purchase a stand or building, stock, maintain and operate the stand.

Many states have directories of Farmers’ Markets, U-Pick farms, and local farm stands. Contact your state Department of Agriculture to find out how to get your farm, stand or products listed in their directories.

As with most businesses, location is one of the most important factors for a successful farm stand. The general public favors easy access and the ease of a shopping experience. It is also advantageous to attract spontaneous customers. If your farm is not located near a highway with steady traffic, seek permission from adjacent or nearby property owners as temporary farm stands can be set up at convenient locations for commuters and other customers.

Other things to consider when operating a farm stand are:

  1. Proper presentation of products. Shoppers receive a positive impression if products are top quality, clean, and tastefully displayed. Remember that high-quality products are the strength of on-farm markets and farm stands.
  2. Prices should be clearly marked on or near the display.
  3. Restock displays frequently and remove damaged or unsellable products promptly.
  4. Reliability and consistency. Once you have built up a returning customer base, it is important to maintain regular hours of operation.
  5. Have friendly, informed and courteous employees. Your employees should be able to answer customer questions regarding the products beings sold. Friendly sales clerks create a favorable shopping experience that will likely result in a return visit.

More information and helpful suggestions to operate a successful farm stand.

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