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Diseased Hosta Plant

Weeds and Pests Information

Weeds are everywhere, but a weed in one location may not be considered a weed in another situation. Pests also challenge us to become better gardeners. Find more information about identifying and dealing with weeds, plant diseases, insects, and other pesky critters at Yard and Garden Online.

Want a weed-free lawn?
Reach for a weed identification guide before you spray. Most herbicides are selective and kill only certain weeds. The presence of weeds also is often a symptom of other problems, such as planting the wrong species in a particular location. Weed control in home lawns starts with encouraging a dense, healthy, competitve stand of the right turfgrass for the site. Mulches also help control weeds under trees and shrubs.

Walking in the woods?
Poison ivy grows in a variety of habitats, but is most commonly found on the edges of wooded areas. Virginia creeper has a similar growth habit but has five leaflets instead of three. 

Tired of critters bothering your garden?
Repellents and exclusion are the major defenses for keeping vertebrates out of your vegetables.