February 10, 2011
How to change your password

In an ideal world, we would all change our Net-ID/email passwords regularly. In real life, though, most people change them rarely if at all. Sometimes you're going to want to change your password, however. In particular, you might want to change it when someone else has gotten access or you think they might have gotten access.

Here are three straight forward ways to change your password*

1. On a PC that is on the IASTATE domain (you have to login with your Net-ID and password)

--When logged on to your computer, type Ctrl-Alt-Del
--Select Change a Password
--Type your old password. Type your New password. Confirm your new password.
--Click OK

2. In a web browser, go to http://exchange.iastate.edu

--Log in with your Net-ID and password
--Slect Options
--In the left-hand column, select Change Password
--Type your old password, your new password, and confirm your new password.

3. In a web browser, go to http://asw.iastate.edu

--Log in with your Net-ID and password
--Click on Manage Net-ID
--Click on Change your Password
--Type your current password, your new password, and retype your new password.

*Remember, when you change your Net-ID password, it changes both your email login AND your computer login if you're on a Windows machine.

Posted by dcoates at 03:27 PM