March 25, 2010
Purchasing New Computers

It's the time of year when I know many of you are looking at your current computers and deciding whether to replace them with new computers. Below is some information that may help as you're deciding what to purchase and how to purchase once you've decided.

Many of the specific items mentioned below are linked from the New Computer web page located here:

--Information about ordering computers, printers and other items is available here:

--County offices can use the order form here: to order laptop or desktop computers. The configurations listed are updated each month so they will reflect current pricing and specifications. To see the details of a configuration, click on the Quote Number.

--If you're trying to decide whether your current machines should be replaced, you may want to check our minimum support standards here: As well as the hardware requirements for Windows 7 here:

--When you order computers, you can either have them shipped to your office and set them up yourself (setup instructions here: ) Or have it shipped to EIT and we will set it up for you (charge for each setup is $100.00). Computers set up at EIT currently include: Windows 7, Office 2007, current updates, Power DVD, Adobe Connect plug-in, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, VirusScan, Turning Point, Citrix plug-in, Windows Live Messenger, and Cisco Anytime VPN client.

We will install any printers for your specific office that we a) know about and b) the computer can see on the network.

If you have questions or need additional information, please let me know.

Posted by dcoates at 02:16 PM