January 28, 2010
Upgrade to Outlook 2007

If you have not upgraded from Office 2003 (specifically Outlook 2003), you will need to do so ASAP (or get your email through Outlook Web Access) to continue receiving email without interruption. As mailboxes move to new 2007 servers, you'll need Outlook 2007 or access your email via the web (http://exchange.iastate.edu).

Extension offices received an Office 2007 disk in February, 2007. If you can't locate your disk, you can order a replacement through Extension Distribution.

If you have questions or need assistance upgrading, you can contact the Computer Support Hotline at 515.294.1725.

Posted by dcoates at 10:50 AM
January 13, 2010
Upcoming Email Changes

In an effort to streamline processes and increase efficiency, all ISU faculty and staff email accounts, including ISU Extension staff, will soon be moving to a centralized Exchange email environment on campus.

Since ISU Extension staff are already using Exchange and Outlook for email the changeover will be generally transparent, and no action will be required on your part.

Additional details and broader announcements will be coming soon.

Posted by dcoates at 08:19 AM