September 02, 2009
Updated Policies for Computer Hardware Support

With Microsoft's deployment of the Windows 7 operating system and its discontinued support of XP (in April of 2009), EIT has changed some of its new computer setup and support procedures.

- ALL new computers setup by EIT will have Windows 7 as the operating system.
- If your computer is currently working just fine with XP you may continue to use it for as long as you wish. When a problem arises with a machine however, EIT's solution will be to resolve the problem by installing Windows 7 on the machine.
- Windows 7 installation DVD's will be distributed in the near future. Check back for updates.

Machines that can run Microsoft Vista can also run Windows 7. Machines that can't run Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 no longer meet the minimum support standards.

Posted by mmauton at 02:01 PM
Update for Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter has a new update; version 7.0.5. This update addresses a number of issues and minor bugs with Adobe Presenter 7. If you use Adobe Presenter, it is recommended you update your version by going to There are currently three updates, you should apply them in order. In order to see what version you are currently running, Open PowerPoint, click on the Adobe Presenter menu, select Help, About Adobe Presenter.

Posted by dcoates at 09:45 AM