October 02, 2008
Citrix Installation instructions

To install the Citrix client (in order to run Cougar Mountain Fund Suite), please follow these instructions:

To install the Citrix Client:

  1. Log on to the computer using your administrator account
  2. Download and run the Citrix client installer. You will download "XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps -- Version 11.000")
  3. Choose English and OK at the Select Language prompt.
  4. Select Next on the Welcome to Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps Installation
  5. Read and accept the license agreement, Next
  6. Select the dropdown next to Program Neighborhood and choose 'Will be installed on local hard drive'
  7. Select the dropdown next to Citrix XenApp Plugin and choose 'Entire Feature will be unavailable'. Click Next
  8. Accept the default Program Folder, Next
  9. 'Use machine name as client name' should be checked (default). Click Next
  10. Accept the default 'No do not use local user name and password'. Next
  11. Accept the default Program Neighborhood Options, Next
  12. Verify the Citrix XenApp Plugin action is Do not install; all others should be install. Next
  13. When setup has completed, click Finish to exit
  14. Log off as administrator and log back on with your regular Net-ID

To create the Citrix connection to Fund Suite:

  1. Go to Start...Programs...Citrix...Program Neighborhood
  2. Double-click Custom ICA Connections...Add ICA Connection
  3. Select Wide Area Network. Next.
  4. Click Server Location
  5. Uncheck Use Default
  6. Add ica.exnet.iastate.edu
  7. Select OK...OK
  8. Choose the Published Application radio button
  9. Select 'CMS Fund Suite -- Desktop' from the dropdown list. Next
  10. Choose whether to run Fund Suite full-screen or in a window:
    • Full screen: accept the default 'View in a separate window (Seamless Window)'. Next
    • Window: select 'View in a remote desktop window'. Next

  11. Uncheck Use Default, select 128 bit encryption (not 128 Bit for LoginOnly)
  12. Enable session reliability. Next.
  13. Leave the username/password/domain fields blank. Next
  14. Accept the default color depth
  15. If running Fund Suite in a window:
    • Uncheck Use Default window size
    • Choose a window size (1024x768 or 800x600)

  16. Click Next
  17. Click Finish to complete the connection setup
  18. Right-click 'CMS Fund Suite -- Desktop', select Create Desktop Shortcut
  19. Close Citrix Program Neighborhood

Posted by dcoates at 10:46 AM