April 16, 2007
Adobe Connect and Office 2007

If you are using Powerpoint for Adobe Connect presentations, you may want to wait to upgrade to Office 2007.

Currently, Adobe Connect cannot upload and convert Powerpoint 2007 files. Files saved to the older 97-2003 format from Powerpoint 2007 will usually upload successfully. However, in 2007 Powerpoint templates have been replaced with themes (which use several files instead of a single file) and these do not convert successfully when uploaded to Adobe Connect.

If you have already converted to Office 2007 and you need to use a Powerpoint presentation in Adobe Connect:

  1. Use no theme (plain black text on a white background) or use the ISUE presentation template (this has been tested and seems to work reliably)
  2. Save your powerpoint presentation in 97-2003 format (Select Save As...Powerpoint 97-2003 presentation)

Note: 2003 templates will work in Powerpoint 2007 and will generally upload and convert in Adobe Connect, however, the template will display different colors in Adobe Connect than you will see in Powerpoint.

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April 12, 2007
Computer Group Purchase Information

Many people have been wondering if there is going to be a group purchase for new computers this year. The bad news is there will not be a single or twice a year group purchase.

The GREAT news is that we still get a price discount but we get it ALL YEAR LONG.

So any computer that you order reflects the savings from Dell. New computer quotes are updated monthly and may change from month to month. You can view these quotes and place orders on EIT's orderform.

P.S. Even if the quote say's the operating system is Windows XP, EIT will be putting Windows Vista on all new computers.

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Windows Vista and Office 2007--General Information

Office 2007 CDs were sent to field offices in the February 2, 2007 transmittal packet.

Windows Vista DVDs will be sent to field offices in the April 13, 2007 transmittal packet.

Also beginning in April, new computers will be setup with Windows Vista and new computer setups (new computers or computers being setup for new users) will install Office 2007. These CD/DVDs are supplied through the Microsoft Campus Agreement so that you can upgrade if you choose to do so.

At present, there is no push for anyone to convert to either Office 2007 or Windows Vista. We will continue to support Windows XP and Office 2003, although at some point (announced well in advance) this support will end.

Some things to keep in mind as you plan for upgrades in your office:

  • File formats have changed in Office 2007. This means that when you exchange documents with others you should save to an older format (.doc) or to Rich Text Format (.rtf). There is a compatibility pack that allows Office 2003 users to read the new file formats. For more details on file formats go here
  • Some programs are not compatible with Windows Vista. Some of these programs will be compatible when they are upgraded. Some of them are old programs and will not run in Windows Vista, in which case, you will need to change to a different program or phase this program out when you upgrade. (see compatibility table)
  • Office 2007 can run on Windows XP so it's possible to upgrade to Office 2007 without upgrading to Windows Vista
  • Not all machines should be upgraded to Windows Vista. For more information on requirements, go here
  • Windows Vista is being distributed on DVD. If you don’t have a DVD reader on your computer, you will not be able to install Vista.
  • We are recommending a 'clean' install of Windows Vista. This means you will need to back up all your data and make sure you have installation versions of the software you will want to install. The installation process will include reformatting your hard drive. Instructions for Vista installation are here.

Training is currently being offered on Office 2007 and Outlook 2007. If you have further questions about upgrading to Windows Vista and Office 2007 contact the Computer Support Hotline.

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