May 25, 2006
New Computer Setups 2006

If you are purchasing a new computer and having it shipped directly to your office, you will want to follow the New Computer Setup instructions when setting up your computer. Some issues of note:

  • Read all the instructions--some things have changed and there are some new things to do
  • Back up the files from your old computer
  • Call the hotline to get a computer name
  • Enjoy your new computer

If your new computer was set up at EIT before being shipped to you, you will want to refer to the File Transfer instructions for copying your documents and archived email to the new computer rather than the New Computer Setup instructions.

Instructions for Net-Regging your machine (a new requirement in the field; we've been net-regging for several years on campus) can be found here (these instructions are also part of the New Computer Setup instructions, however, you can refer to the Net-Reg instructions for more details on what Net-Reg is and why it's used.)

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May 19, 2006
IT Potpourri follow-up

Last week I gave a short presentation called "IT Potpourri". The slides are now posted. Here are some of the follow-up questions and links I promised:

Other things I've put on our to-do list include new or improved documentation on backing up only changed files, changing Outlook's AutoArchive location and accessing file shares through VPN. Look for information on these topics to be posted later.

If you attended the presentation and have questions or comments let me know. If you'd like EIT to cover something for your area meeting, retreat or similar event please ask!

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