April 29, 2005
New Computer Setups

The 2005 group purchase is upon us. Setting up computers has not changed significantly from last year. However, I've revised the setup instructions to make them as usable as possible.

You can download two sets of instructions here:

  1. Setting up computers from scratch (if you had your new computer shipped directly to you)
  2. Completing setup and file transfer (if EIT has already done the initial setup on your computer)

If you have questions about these instructions (or about which instructions you'll need), you can contact the EIT hotline at 515-294-1725

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April 21, 2005
Reason Two: Shared Calendars

A few weeks ago, I posted Reason one for switching to Outlook/Exchange. You can see that post here.

Reason two for why Outlook/Exchange might be a good application for you is the ability to share calendars.

Currently, staff need to coordinate calendars for meetings, travel, educational programs and many other events. Coordination and planning can involve staff in many different locations. Some of this coordination is currently done by sharing calendars via email, paper, and other individual means.

Outlook/Exchange allows users to give permission for others to view their calendars. Permission is under the control of individual users and can be set to several different levels of access, most commonly, 'review' status (people with permission can look at, but can not make changes to your calendar). Depending on how you use the calendar features of Outlook/Exchange, you can also enter events which are 'Private,' which means that other people can see that you are unavailable during that time, but they will not see any specific information you enter for that time period.

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April 20, 2005
VirusScan Made Simple

In February Extension IT solicited offices to test a management framework for VirusScan called ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Today I am pleased to report that testing has gone exceedingly well, and we are now prepared to begin deploying ePO to all managed Extension computers (those in the IASTATE domain).

Beginning Friday, April 22, the ePO agent will automatically install on your computer when you log on. The installation is silent; you won't see anything unusual appear on the screen. If needed, ePO will then upgrade VirusScan behind the scenes to version 8.0, the most recent version. From then on, ePO and EIT will keep your antivirus up to date without any intervention from you!

Darin Dugan, System Admin

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