February 20, 2003
Windows 2000 Updates

If you want to update your computer from Windows 98 to Windows 2000, you will need to verify that you meet the minimum requirements:

--Pentium II 233 Mhz
--128 Mg of memory
--At least 1G of available free HD space

If you do meet these requirements, refer to the complete instructions for upgrading to Windows 2000 for further information. Upgrading your computer is a significant undertaking and we recommend consulting with the Extension Computer support hotline (515/294-1725) before beginning an upgrade project.

Instructions on upgrading to Windows XP will be coming.

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February 18, 2003
Pagemaker 6.5 and Windows XP

Installing Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 on a Windows XP computer may give you the following error when you try to run the program:


To fix this problem, Adobe has released an update for the program. Go to:

Pagemaker 6.5 or 6.51 to 6.52 update page

To install the update:

--Log in as Administrator
--Double-click on the downloaded file (pm652upd.exe)
--Select the language you want to appear in the updater windows and dialog boxes, then click Next.
--Select the region where you are located to determine which language the updater uses for its license agreement, then click Next.
--Follow the on-screen instructions until the updater notifies you that PageMaker has been updated.
--Click OK to exit the updater.
--Log out as Administrator. And log back in as yourself.

The 6.52 update also fixes other Pagemaker issues, so you may also want to update if you've gotten other error messages in Pagemaker version 6.5. (Note: You must have version 6.5 or version 6.51 for this update to work properly.)

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February 05, 2003
Never Forget

Remember that new computers (Windows 2000/XP) will have an administrator account. You will use this account to install and uninstall programs.

If your machine was setup on campus an administrator account and administrator password has been setup. The account name is 'administrator'. The password for this account is listed on the salmon-colored Checklist--New Computer Setup sheet that you received with the computer.

If you setup the computer in your office, you assigned a password to the administrator account yourself.

It's very important that you remember this password. You will need it to uninstall existing programs and install new programs on your machine. You may also need it to troubleshoot and repair problems that may arise.

You can change the administrator password to one that's easier for you to remember.

However, it's also important to keep the following in mind: the administrator account and password provide important security for your machine. Administrator passwords should be at least 6 characters, include a combination of alphanumeric characters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other characters, and not be a word commonly found in the dictionary.

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Losing Time Redux

Recently, we've had a number of people report to the Computer Support Hotline that their computers are losing time (generally, they notice this when they get a kerberos error 37).

There is a menu option in Sidecar (accessed by clicking on the gold key in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) to 'Synchronize times'

If this problem is occuring on a regular basis, you might want to refer to this previous TechNews entry on uninstalling and reinstalling VirusScan

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