November 14, 2002
Email server outage

Email service at ISU (affecting all ISUE field offices as well) was interrupted after routine service last night. The official explanation for the interruption is:

Incoming mail gets stored on a POP mail server. Since servers can go down it is necessary to be able to point users at different mail servers quickly. This is done by maintaining a 'virtual mail server' for each individual that points at the person's real mail server. Each Net-ID has a DNS entry of the form which resolves to the correct pop server. During some necessary maintenance over night these entries did not regenerate[meaning the system was not able to log you in or deliver your mail]. They have now been restored and mail service has returned to normal.

Full email service was restored at approximately 8:30 this morning. If you're experiencing any ongoing network problems, let us know at the computer support hotline (515/294-1725).

Posted by dcoates at 09:17 AM