October 22, 2002
Making the Switch to Internet Explorer

As some of you have probably noticed, the version of Netscape Communicator currently provided with Scout is 4.77. This is not a particularly new version of the program and you may find that there are some web pages that it cannot read correctly.

One solution to this issue is to switch to using Internet Explorer 6. The Scout CD that you currently have in your office (dated May, 2002 and sent in the June 14, 2002 transmittal package) contains a copy of Internet Explorer 6. If you are using Windows 98 or Windows 2000:

--Insert the Scout CD in the CD drive
--In My Computer, double-click on Scout_5_2002
--Double-click on the folder labeled 'Other'
--Double-click on the folder labeled 'Internet Explorer'
--Double-click on 'iesetup' or 'iesetup.exe'
--Follow the instructions for installing Internet Explorer 6

Once you've installed Internet Explorer (IE6), you will want to:

Make IE6 your default web browser

Import your Netscape bookmarks

If you have questions about transitioning from Netscape to IE6, contact the EIT computer support line at 515/294-1725. Or you can send email to EIT at eit@iastate.edu

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October 16, 2002
Controlling Spam, Redux

As we noted in a previous Technews article, on October 1st, AIT (Academic Information Technology) activated spam detection software to scan all incoming email for spam. Most noticeably to e-mail recipients, mail with a high probability of being spam had information inserted in the subject header that looked like: [SPAM? ##..]

Because there is no foolproof system for separating spam from non-spam, the system, although extensively tested before release, also requires tweaking once it's up and running.

On October 28th, some additional changes will be made to the way the system operates. These include:

--Stop adding [SPAM? ##..] to the subject of suspect messages
--Use an additional header (X-PerlMx-Spam) to indicate the probability that a given message is spam

Sample X-PerlMx-Spam header:
X-Perlmx-Spam: Gauge=XXXXXXXXXIIIIIII, Probabiliy=87%, Report ="BIG_FONT"....

It will still be possible to filter potential SPAM messages as they come in. Instructions for doing so as well as additional information on the spam detection software and the changes being implemented can be found on AIT's web pages.

Posted by dcoates at 01:21 PM