October 13, 2011
Androids and Exchange ActiveSync

Some of you may have seen, or will see, a prompt on your Android phones which describes Exchange ActiveSync security capabilities and requests that you activate the device administrator for these security capabilities. This is a result of ISU's IT Services preparation for upgrading to Exchange 2010. The capabilities described by the prompt include security provisions which are not currently implemented. However, if you see this prompt, you will need to accept to continue.

If you use Exchange ActiveSync on your Android (or Blackberry or iPhone) it is possible (though not implemented and there are no plans for implementing) to administer security measures remotely, including: Set password rules, monitor screen-unlocks, and erase all data. These security measures are currently implemented for Blackberry users.

NOTE: You can currently erase your mobile devices remotely by going to Outlook Web Access (OWA) at exchange.iastate.edu and selecting Mobile Devices from the Options menu. This feature is useful if your phone is lost or stolen.

ISU's IT Services has more information on the Exchange ActiveSync prompt.

Posted by dcoates at October 13, 2011 09:40 AM