July 20, 2011
Cyfiles is coming

What is Cyfiles?
On or around August 8, 2011, campus IT services will be introducing Cyfiles, which is an online storage space available to all ISU faculty, staff, and students. Each person will have 5 Gb of free storage available. Files stored in Cyfiles will automatically be backed up and users will have access to previous versions. This will be secure personal storage space. Files you store on your Cyfiles drive should only be accessed by you. Files you want to share with coworkers can still be stored on your S: drives.

How will I access Cyfiles?
If you're on a domain-joined computer (all Windows computers on the domain and connected to the IASTATE network either directly or through VPN), then your Cyfiles storage space will show up automatically when you start up or reboot your computer on or after August 8, 2011. You will see it as your U: drive accessed through your Computer icon (where your S: drive appears now) or by going to the Start menu and selecting Computer.

If you're on a Windows machine that is not connected to the domain or a Macintosh computer, you will need to map the U: drive, at least the first time you access it. There will be separate instructions for this.

What if I need more than 5 Gb storage?
It will be possible to purchase additional storage online through ASW (asw.iastate.edu) and have the storage cost billed to a fund account. The charge for additional storage is .10/Gb/month. The 5Gb initial storage size is a 'hard' limit meaning that if you try to store a file that will put you over the limit, you won't be able to until you either delete files or purchase additional storage.

We'll send a general announcement to all Extension staff closer to the launch date of August 8, 2011.

Posted by dcoates at July 20, 2011 03:50 PM