January 20, 2011
Installing McAfee VirusScan on New Computers

When you set up a new computer and put it on the network, McAfee virus protection should load automatically. However, sometimes the program will not install automatically even though your computer has been up and running on the network for several days

NOTE: You can check whether McAfee is running one of two ways:

  1. Check the icons in the systray in the lower right corner of your screen. Be sure you're seeing all the icons. Click on the up-arrow if needed to see more.
  2. Click on the Start menu button. Select All Programs. Look for a folder titled McAfee. In the folder, you should see On-Access Scan, On-Demand Scan, VirusScan Console. This may take several minutes.>/li>

To install McAfee VirusScan on your computer:

  1. Go to IT Services Windows Software Downloads
  2. Under Current Software, find McAfee VirusScan and AntiSpyware (easy auto-install) (current version as of this posting is 8.7i)
  3. Click on the link in the Download column
  4. Enter your Net-ID and password
  5. Once the dowload is completed, double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process (or click Run in the download window)
  6. Enter your administrator password
  7. Click 'Yes' when asked if you want to continue
  8. If you DON'T have any other antivirus software on your computer, click OK to continue. If you DO have other antivirus software on your computer (some examples would be Spybot, Malwarebytes, Symantec), click Cancel and uninstall these programs before continuing.
  9. From this point the install is automated. Click OK at the screen that tells you this.
  10. You may see Windows pop up, but forms will be filled out automatically (however, there will stll be some dialogue boxes for you to respond to--see below). You should see a progress bar in the upper left corner of your screen which will tell you where you are in the installation process.
  11. Click OK when asked about Windows Defender. Click No when asked about your Internet Connection.
  12. Finally, you will be asked if you shut your machine off at least once a day. If you do, click Yes. Otherwise, click No. Click OK.

If you can't install McAfee, it may mean that you have malware on your system that's preventing the program from installing. For help diagnosing and resolving the problem, you can call the Computer Support Hotline at 515-294-1725.

Posted by dcoates at January 20, 2011 02:10 PM