January 05, 2011
Get New Cookie for Calendar Reporting

If you visit the ISUE Calendar and discover that you can no longer see the buttons for the reporting functions, you should be able to fix the issue by getting a new staff cookie. You'll be asked for your Net-ID and password.

A quick explanation of the issue: the ISUE calendar was originally written back in 1998 and although there have been changes since then, the cookie that shows the reporting function to ISUE staff had an expiration date of 12/31/2010. A new cookie with a different expiration date is now available and once you get that new cookie, you should be back in business.

If you have additional questions or problems, please contact the ISU Computer Supoprt Hotline at 515-294-1725 or via email at eithotline@iastate.edu

Posted by dcoates at January 05, 2011 02:50 PM