April 27, 2010
Be Aware: Reports of Malware on Des Moines Register Website

According to ISU's IT Services:

The State of Iowa DAS security group sent a security alert out to State of Iowa employees regarding compromised web pages on the Des Moines Register website.

They recommended that all state employees avoid the Des Moines Register website and were blocking access to the Des Moines Register website where possible.

It is extremely likely that this malware will either install Torpig, a nasty banking Trojan, or the familiar Rogue AV software. Both malware products are intended to drain money from the accounts of victims.

Complete information is available here: http://www.it.iastate.edu/news/showitem.php?id=370

We will post an update when we have new information.

Posted by dcoates at April 27, 2010 10:52 AM