November 25, 2008
Virtual Private Network Update

There's a new VPN (Virtual Private Network) in town and it doesn't require certificates.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

Establishing a Virtual Private Network between your computer and Iowa State allows you to log in securely wherever you are and access email and shared drives as if you were on the IASTATE network. So, if you're in a hotel room and establish a Virtual Private Network, you can use Outlook and retrieve files off your S: drive just as you can if you're logged into your computer in your office.

What makes this new VPN software different?

Those of you currently using VPN, know that the certificate-based system can be tricky to install. The program itself is installed as administrator, but certificates must be imported when you're logged in with your own Net-ID. Certificates expire and must be renewed through ASW periodically.

The new VPN system is not certificate-based (no more certificate renewals!) and installation is relatively straightforward. Once the software is installed, you can establish a Virtual Private Network, by running the software via the Start menu or by going to the webpage: in your browser.

If you're currently using the certificate-based VPN software, you can switch to the new VPN sofware at any time.

NOTE: The certificate-based system will be phased out by May, 2009. So, if you're currently using VPN you will need to upgrade between now and then.

Posted by dcoates at November 25, 2008 10:12 AM