July 09, 2008
Adobe Connect upgrade

We recently upgraded to Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7. If you haven't yet attended a meeting in the new version, you'll find that a few things have changed, although most things will still look fairly familiar.

Some changes:

--Audio has been separated from video. If you're having a Voice Over IP meeting (VOIP) with no telephone, you don't have to enable video in order for a participant to speak. Participants will still need a microphone.

--New icons. Under 'My status' the icons have changed. In addition, there are some new icons to indicate Laughter, Applause, Stepping away from the computer, as well as the ability to Agree and Disagree. There are new icons for the new Audio controls, as well as icons to indicate who is speaking and who has the 'mic' when a particiapant's audio has been enabled.

Figure 1: Some of the new status icons in Adobe Connect Pro 7:


Figure 2: New audio icons with user status options (these are the same options that appear under the 'My status' drop down)


Posted by dcoates at July 09, 2008 08:39 AM
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