February 26, 2008
Why Outlook 2007 doesn't run slow anymore

Some of you may have probably encountered the following problem when transitioning from Outlook 2003 to 2007: when you enter names on an address line, Outlook is very, very, very slow.

Our solution to this problem has been to delete the .nk2 file, which is where Outlook stores your 'nicknames' or addresses that you have used in the past. This allows Outlook to operate normally but eliminates that list of email addresses and only temporarily solves the problem until the .nk2 file gets large again.

Last week, we found a new solution to the problem, namely making a change in VirusScan.

Because we roll VirusScan out through the EPO (which means it is installed and updated automatically on all machines in the domain). You should see this problem disappear or, never see it if you upgrade from 2003 to 2007 at a later date. If you're still experiencing slow Outlook response times, contact the hotline (515-294-1725) to troubleshoot.

Posted by dcoates at February 26, 2008 09:56 AM