March 13, 2007
New Thing Seven for Vista: Aero

Aero stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and open (I don't know if it's always stood for those thing or if, as I suspect, someone thoguht it ought to stand for something(. Aero is the new graphical user interface for Windows Vista. Aero makes possible translucent windows (Aero Glass), Windows Flip, Windows Flip 3D, live thumbnails and other elements of Windows Vista's new look and feel. Aero requires a certain level of graphics capability to run, but if you're running Windows Vista on a machine that doesn't have the capability to show Aero (or projecting on a projector), Windows Vista will fall back to a 'basic' interface that will still allow you to operate in Windows Vista, but will be missing some of the new, 'cool' look and feel characteristics.


Figure 1: Live Thumbnails


Figure 2: Windows Flip (Alt + Tab). This is also an example of Aero Glass--translucent windows.


Figure 3: Windows Flip 3D (Windows + Tab)

Posted by dcoates at March 13, 2007 09:41 AM
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