March 06, 2007
New Thing Four for Vista: Printer Installs

The best new thing about printer installs is that you don't have to be logged in as adminsitrator to install printers in Windows Vista.

To install a printer in Vista:

  1. Go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Printers, Add a Printer.
  2. You'll need to know the IP number of the printer you want to install
  3. Select 'Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer'
  4. Vista will search for available printers, but most likely you'll need to select 'The printer that I want isn't listed.'
  5. Select 'Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname'
  6. Allow Vista to autodetect the printer (go out on the network nad determine the type of printer and driver needed). Enter the IP address. Leave 'Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use' checked.
  7. Vista will contact the printer. If you've previously installed this printer or another printer of the same make and model, you will be asked if you want to use the driver that's installed or replace it. Click Next.
  8. You should see your printer name (which you can change) and have the chance to set this printer as your default. If you don't want this to be your default printer, uncheck this box.
  9. Your printer is installed. You can print a test page. Click Finish.
  10. And you're finished.
Posted by dcoates at March 06, 2007 02:38 PM
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